A professionally trained Master of Ceremonies (MC) is a must for a successful wedding.

The MC is more than just a funny guy with a mic. The MC should work with the wedding planners and coordinators as well as the venue, photographers, videographers etc to ensure the whole event goes smoothly. They help keep to time, they help move people between places (eg, if you are having a sparkler farewell and your guests need to move outside to a deck area) but also between activities – eg, cake cutting, dancing, meals. Perhaps most importantly, the MC helps set the mood.

Although, all too often the role of MC is not taken seriously. Probably the biggest mistake I see is where a couple chooses a friend or family member to be the MC, even though they have no suitable expertise or experience.

For couples who choose to omit some or all of the formalities from their wedding, an appropriate friend or family member can work quite well.

However, my theory is that everyone from the Bride and Groom right through to each guest should be enjoying your wedding. This means, no guest should be ‘working’ at your wedding–that’s what staff and vendors are for!

While it may be a great honour for them, when you ask a guest to be MC at your wedding, it will also be a burden. It will stop that guest from having fun and relaxing at your wedding – because they must be conscious of timings and how things are running. They wouldn’t be able to enjoy their meal and have a few drinks. That’s not to say that many amateur MC’s don’t try! I have seen several in my time who have enjoyed their drinks just a little too much and don’t realise that what they are saying over the microphone may be inappropriate, embarrassing or downright annoying, especially when they’re carrying that microphone around and start singing whilst on the dance floor.
If you do choose to use family or a friend as your MC, please ensure they take their role seriously. An MC can make or break the outcome of your wedding reception.

Master of ceremonies